Case Studies

The below was provided and written by one of the schools we work with, as a great example of how a student can thrive on work experience.

We have a student in Year 12 who has several special educational needs, he is on the autistic spectrum and has epilepsy for which he needs to take medication daily. The student needed an animal care placement and was initially sent to the Hedgehog Sanctuary, but this was stopped for insurance purposes. This meant the student needed to find another animal care placement, but these are notoriously difficult to secure. After trying many other animal care placements, we eventually tried a dog groomers a couple of miles from where the student lives. This company handled the complex needs of the student brilliantly; they did not judge and agreed to interview him for placement.

He was accepted for one day a week and was trained in dog washing and drying. This placement may not set the world on fire, but it was exactly what the student needed to pass his animal course. A big thank you to the placement!

Students are required to complete a student diary, each week he would explain how many dogs he had washed, how many hours he worked, each time signing off  "I enjoyed my day". He had a fantastic time on placement and received a glowing report from the Manager.

When seeing the student at school, I would ask him how his placement was going and he was always positive, telling me how much he was enjoying work experience, what type of dog he has washed that week and how he had a disaster by making the family wash his hairy work clothes!

The student attended every week on time and ready to work, and completed his 150 hours towards his training placement course by doing this work experience - a big well done to the student, his mum (for driving him to placement and picking him up each week), and the employer. Our student gained a lot of confidence from the placement as well as important employability and animal care skills. As the school, we have gained a fantastic, helpful employer who we hope to use again in the future.

This year, the student is volunteering with a zoo on Saturday's - this came about because of his successful work experience placement.


A local employer who took a work experience student, contacted the school to comment on what a great impression this young person made;

K joined our fitness centre for a week's work experience in June.

As with most work experience students, K was initially rather quiet for the first few hours. However, unlike many other students we have seen K did gradually come out of his shell. In fact, so much so he seeme dto be one on the team from the very first afternoon - he was helpful, polite and had a great sense of humour. All in all, a very pleasant young man.

He helped with classes and even took part in a Spin Cycle class, lasting the entire 45 minutes! He was a pleasure to have on work experience and is a credit to himself. We wish him the very best of luck in whatever path he chooses.


Rowdeford Special School, Wiltshire

Rowdeford Special School in Wiltshire have been working closely with EBP-SW to co-ordinate their students work experience placements. We work closely with the school to ensure that, whilst on work experience their students receive the right amount of support and care as suitable for their individual needs.

Richard, had an absolutely fantastic week with his chosen placement in a nearby bicycle repair and retail store. Richard was helpful, polite and hardworking and the store manager had nothing but good things to say about him.

Richard's placement was a great success and goes to show how when given the correct guidance and support, students can flourish on placement. We wish Richard all the very best when he leaves school and goes out into the work place. Hopefully, this placement has given him a real confidence boost.