STEM Ambassador Programme

What is the STEM Ambassador Programme?

The STEM Ambassador Programme enables anyone with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills to inspire young people and demonstrate the possibilities of STEM subjects and careers. It is also a free of charge resource for teachers, schools and colleges across the UK, offering support from people with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) backgrounds to help excite and inspire students in these subjects.

The occupations of STEM Ambassadors are very wide ranging, including environmental scientists, chemists, civil engineers, marine biologists, medical physicists, pharmacists, apprentices and energy analysts to name but a few.

Across Devon & Cornwall we have over 850 volunteer STEM Ambassadors who are registered, trained and DBS (CRB) checked that:

  • Assist with STEM Clubs
  • Help add a work-related perspective to curriculum topics
  • Provide insights into career opportunities arising from STEM qualifications.
  • Facilitate workplace visits
  • Assist with various activities, both within the timetable and outside it
  • Work as mentors to students, helping to encourage them and develop their motivation and employability skills.


Who Can Be a STEM Ambassador?

Anyone who uses STEM skills and is willing and able to excite young people about these subjects, can apply to become a STEM Ambassador, simply by clicking here.

To find out more about becoming a STEM Ambassador, e-mail Toni Oatway or telephone 01392 215501 (Ext. 247)


Why become a STEM Ambassador?

  • Enjoy a sense of achievement
  • Open a childs mind to new possibilities in STEM that they have never considered
  • Develop new skills and confidence
  • It’s a new and challenging experience
  • It’s a chance to share your enthusiasm for your subject and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers
  • It’s an opportunity to give something back to the community, and develop employer links
  • It contributes to personal and professional development


How Can a STEM Ambassador Support my School?

To request a STEM Ambassador for your school or college, please click here.