AptEd Awards

AptEd Awards

Certificate in Skills Towards Enabling Progression (Step Up) – Foundation Learning

This is a relatively new award at level 1 and Entry Level (Entry 3) with each level having a 3 tiered achievement at award certificate and diploma.

Each level can be made up of a variety of different units, from both core and optional units. The award allows teachers to respond to needs by the flexible choice that is given. It also allows students to follow a vocational pathway with clear links to the 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters

apt awards Step-UP is an exciting range of accredited units which can be handpicked and combined and used flexibly to help support individual student’s chosen pathways. They include areas such as Employability, Construction, Health and Social Care, Horticulture, ICT plus many more.

Step-UP can be delivered at both Entry Level and Level I each offering progressive steps of Award, Certificate and Diploma.

Target Audience:

Key Stage 4 and Post -16 students


  • To engage and motivate students to identify their individual strengths for progression to post-16 study and employment
  • To provide learning opportunities that are stimulating and engaging
  • To recognise learning achievements through NOCN credits and other recognised qualifications

Developing Skills for Employment

This qualification is offered at both level 1 and 2 at award and certificate level. This course is intended to develop a wide range of skills relevant to vocational employment. It will help them build self-esteem and confidence whilst allowing them to gain an insight into a chosen vocational area.

Target audience KS4 and Post 16 – particularly good for foundation learner learning outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate and gain experience in a chosen vocational area
  • Develop practical skills and techniques in a chosen vocational area
  • Communicate in a practical environment
  • Develop awareness of health and safety issues in practical environments
  • Plan work experience
  • Develop customer service skills
  • Use materials, tools and equipment in a practical environment
  • Handle money used to purchase goods and services
  • Select units appropriate to their needs and aspirations

Further Information

For more information on both these awards contact yvonne.paddon@ebp-sw.org or call us on 01392 215501