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The Big Bang Fair South West 2015 - Student Projects

If you're unsure what sort of projects you could bring to The Big Bang Fair, check out our latest video clip of some great examples of the 2015 entries. Remember, you don't have to bring a project that is going to change the world to have a great experience.


The Big Bang Fair South West 2014 - Exhibitors

If you would like to be an exhibitor at The Big Bang Fair South West and connect with the brightest young talent in the region, have a look at this video and see how others are doing it.  If you've ever experienced recruitment issues in your business, ask yourself this, "does your target audience know who you are?".  Exhibiting at The Big Bang is a great way to help young people understand what you can offer and what they need to do to prepare themselves before they come to you.  All that and it's really good fun!

Become an Exhibitor

If you've watched the video and like what you see, drop us a line and we'll help you through the next steps.  Contact or give us a call on 01392 215501



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